Garage Flooring FAQ

Common Questions About Garage Flooring, Answered.

Garage flooring is like the finishing touches on a master piece. If you are redoing a home or considering building a new one then you should put garage flooring high on the priority list. Most of the time the garage is the one room that is rather neglected and messy. It is only a place where you park the car, boat, and other vehicles, you see oil stains on the floor and stuff stacked everywhere. With our flooring systems you can reclaim your garage and add value to your home. It’s a fully fledged renovation that adds value to your home in just one day.

Below are some of the more commonly asked questions that we receive – they’ll serve as a good primer to our coatings but for more information please contact us for a no-pressure design consultation where we’ll have many color and texture samples for you to review.

What is an Alternative Surfaces Garage floor?

Unlike paint that can peel or plastic tile that can come loose, the fully warranted Alternative Surfaces Garage surface is a thick, seamless system that permanently bonds to the concrete. It is specially formulated for long lasting durability and decorativeness. Alternative Surfaces Garage floor coating systems manufactured exclusively for us and are far superior to Epoxy from the standpoint of installation time, return to service, UV resistance, abrasion & chemical resistance and durability.

Why choose Alternative Surfaces Coatings?

  • Commercial Grade Floors at Residential Prices

  • Used in Institutional Kitchens, USDA Inspected Facilities, Laboratories, “Clean Rooms”, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants, Schools, Jails, and even Nuclear Power Facilities

  • Made by one of America’s leading coatings companies

  • Resistant to grease, dilute acids, solvents, chemicals, and even JET FUEL

  • Meets ADA requirements (granite-look floor) with or without additional no-cost texture

  • Unlimited Color Choices and Combinations

  • Easy to clean

  • Repels spills of all kinds and will not stain

  • Superior Stain Resistance even at high temperatures

  • Gleaming Surface Spreads Illumination

  • Extreme Temperature Resistance

  • Remarkable Chemical Resistance

  • Incredible Impact & Abrasion Resistance

  • Premier Adhesion Strength

  • Spectacular Gloss Surface

  • Slip Resistance Safety Texture included at no charge (if you choose)

  • Stylish Granite or Terrazzo Look finishes included at no additional charge (if you choose)

How does an Alternative Surfaces Garage compare to the competitors?

Alternative Surfaces uses only the industry’s best coatings and is one of the most respected and trusted names in the garage floor coating business. Our patented system has been developed by chemists that have been at the forefront of the seamless flooring industry for almost 35 years.

I work 5 days a week... Can you work around my schedule?

Absolutely – we’re more than happy to work around your schedule. Our average floor installation time is one day, depending on the condition of the concrete, versus 3 – 4 days with other companies and products.

Can your surfaces handle an industrial beating?

Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor surfaces are prepared with a base coat that chemically bonds to the surface and is rated at 400 psi – concrete is typically around 350 psi – so the concrete will literally tear apart before the product comes off.

How will my floor system look after 5 years?

Other than normal wear, your floor should look like new.

How do I maintain my floor system once it is installed?

We take pride in your complete satisfaction and wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how to properly clean and maintain your new garage floor. By following these four easy steps, you can be confident that your new garage floor will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed.
Sweep or blow out loose dust and debris.
In a large bucket, mix 1 cup of vinegar per gallon of warm or cold water.
Apply the solution to the surface of the garage floor coating with a traditional mop. Reminder: floor may be slippery when wet. Do not exceed recommended concentrations of solutions and use caution when cleaning the floor.
Allow the floor to dry, there is no need to rinse.

I have some small cracks in my floor. What will be done with these?

An expert Alternative Surfaces Garage representative will inspect your floor to determine if it is an eligible candidate for our coatings. All open cracks including those in your expansion or “tool” joints, if applicable, will be repaired. We fill all cracks and divots and grind the surface smooth to allow for a blemish free floor.

My pets spend a lot of time in the garage will it be safe to breathe after the installation of the new floor surface, or will it smell bad?

Your new Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor has a low VOC chemistry, so is safe for you, your pets and the environment, but is also extremely durable because it’s polyaspartic based as opposed to polyurethane epoxies. Low VOCs also mean low odor that dissipates in a few hours. We meet all California EPA requirements.

Can I add my college logo to the floor?

Yes, we have access to over 200 standard floor color selections and a wide variety of pre-mixed patterns to choose from. Please tell us if you’d like to see the full variety of chip colors when you call to set up your appointment as we usually do not have them all with us. Plus you can choose unlimited custom floor colors and chip mixes, and we’ll install logos and custom floor designs. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you offer non-slip surfaces?

We include an anti-slip additive in all applications to minimize the possibility of slipping. Textures can be adjusted to meet safety requirements. Textures will also vary slightly based upon whether 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/16″ or 1/32″ chips are used.

Does my Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor come with a Warranty?

Yes, an Alternative Surfaces Garage floor is fully warranted against peeling, delamination, and wear. Please contact us for any additional questions.

How do chemicals like road salt, gasoline or motor oil affect my Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor?

Alternative Surfaces Garage Floors are highly chemical resistant. Road salt, gasoline and motor oil will have no effect.

What colors does it come in?

Alternative Surfaces Garage offers several systems with endless color combinations, we’re always happy to bring addition flake samples when we schedule a consultation.

Do you have references?

Yes, over the years we have had countless volunteers act as references. Please view our Testimonials, and contact us anytime for additional information.

How much does it cost?

Since the condition and size of each concrete floor varies, costs are determined on a case-by-case basis only. Please contact us for a free no pressure consultation on your specific project.

Is it important that the person that I meet with during my estimate have Concrete Field experience as an installer?

Yes, it is very Important. Without actual daily experience in solving concrete problems an estimator may be tempted to over-promise to get the sale. Some Estimators may not have the expertise to recommend the right long term solution. Each concrete surface has unique challenges that may require creative solutions. It is important that the person you meet with knows how to address these challenges. All of Alternative Surfaces Floors estimators are actual installers. In fact, in most cases your estimator will be on site during installation. We’re there from concept to completion.

Does Alternative Surfaces Garage sub-out the installation?

No, Alternative Surfaces Garage has its own highly trained staff that take pride in their workmanship. In rare cases (commercial or industrial projects) Alternative Surfaces does on occasion hire out for preparation services, but never for installation.

What kind of training do Alternative Surfaces Garage installers have?

We require all installers to go to periodic manufacturer training classes and all installers are factory trained, certified and have many years of experience in the coatings industry.

If my concrete floor is already painted, can I apply this system?

Yes, our highly trained Alternative Surfaces Garage installers will remove the paint using heavy duty machinery, and then apply the Alternative Surfaces Garage floor system.

What areas do you service?

We serve all of Oregon, Washington & Northern California – a travel charge may apply for jobs over 30 miles from Portland but we’ve done projects as far away as the Medford, Ashland area and all the way through Bellingham and Walla Walla, Washington.

Can your coatings be used in a restaurant?

Yes, our floors are approved for use in food processing areas. Our preparation process seals concrete surfaces to prevent microbial contamination, and we use a sanitary, no seam process which prevents microorganism growth. The non-slip aspects of our floors are also important in preventing accidental slips and falls due to fluids spills, and make clean up easy for staff.

Can I do this myself?

No, an Alternative Surfaces Garage System Floor must be professionally installed by our highly trained certified applicators. This is a commercial grade, industrial strength coating system not to be confused with a big box store paint.

Aren't all coatings the same?

No, there are many types of coatings available and all grades of coatings are not the same. Alternative Surfaces Garage Floors uses only industrial grade materials which include only the highest quality resins. The coatings applied by Alternative Surfaces Garage Floors provide the highest adhesion properties resulting in long lasting durability.

One of the primary reasons we are in the garage coating business was as a result of seeing many defective systems installed by other coating companies over the years who would not come back to fix the delamination issues. We spent the better part of 18 months researching and visiting various suppliers, speaking with industry experts, dealers, installers and customers before we added our garage coatings system to our range of install products.
I feel confident when I tell you that there is no better system on the market today.
We guarantee it!

Does your company install garage cabinets as well?

We do not install garage cabinets. Alternative Surfaces Garage Floors has found that if we specialize in one product/service, we can focus all of our energy in producing the best product and service available. We do however partner with highly reputable garage cabinet companies and would be happy to refer someone to you.

Why Choose Alternative Surfaces Garage Flooring?

Even if you do not spend much time in your garage you may want to consider garage flooring for your next home upgrade. Most people that spend time working in their garage will use it as a wood shop or car shop. If either of these two uses is familiar to you then perhaps you have considered garage flooring.