Garage Flooring Preparation & Installation Overview


Garage Flooring Preparation & Installation Overview

No garage enhancement project is complete without considering the condition of the floor. Many people overlook this important item simply because they have never seen a garage floor properly done.

The difference between what they’re accustomed to and what can be achieved is surprising and in most cases improper preparation of the substrate is the cause of flooring failures. Instead of oil stains, cracks and dust, you can enjoy a seamless floor that looks great, won’t peel and lasts for years.

Here’s how we prep a surface for a new Alternative Surfaces garage floor:

Where do you start? All floors must be inspected prior to any job – a trained professional will visit your home and review the substrate conditions with you to see if your garage is a candidate for a seamless coating system. We can help you choose a color or pattern just tell us what you’d like to see and in all likelihood we’ll be able to accommodate.

Our factory-trained installation team will apply your new Alternative Surface Garage Floor using our commercial grade seamless, high gloss process – guaranteed to give you years of durability and satisfaction.
We will work with you to schedule your installation around your schedule.

Preparation is key – we diamond grind all surface to remove any existing paint layers and the slick top layer of concrete. This insures maximum bonding.

Any defects (cracks, holes, and textured areas) are repaired using our proprietary fast fix.

Your Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor will be applied – this consists of our proprietary products and process to insure spectacular results that will last!

Two coats of our commercial grade coating are applied as a top coat along with any texture additives.

Our project manager will assist you in inspecting the completed application and confirm the times you can walk on and return your new Alternative Surfaces Garage Floor to service.