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Photoluminescent Egress Marking Systems (PLES)

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Alternative Surfaces offers complete PLES installation and photolum exit signage that comply with the following codes and standards:


2009 IFC Means of Egress, January 2009
2009 IBS Means of Egress, January 2009
NFPA 101 and 5000, January 2009
California, Chapter 10, January 2008

Connecticut, Section 1026, January 2008
New York City Code, July 2008
New York City Local Law 26, 2004
GSA for all Buildings, January 2009


What are the benefits of using photoluminescent egress marking systems?

  • Photoluminescent exit signs can contribute toward securing LEED credits

  • Glow up to 48 hours when blackout occurs and requires no electrical power or maintenance

  • Non-toxic / non-radioactive, the perfect “Green” and sustainable solution for your facility

Why use Alternative Surfaces to install photoluminescent egress markings in your facility?

  • Certified Technicians – Our technicians have been trained and certified by the industry’s leading manufacturers in installation of photoluminescent step edge, path finding, handrail and exit sign marking systems.

  • Experience – Ecoglo has worked in over 3,000 facilities nationwide and are experts in Life Safety.
    Product Warranty – Alternative Surfaces has partnered exclusively with Ecoglo, a leading manufacturer in photoluminescent materials. Through this partnership, you can be sure you are getting the best product in the industry. Ecoglo products are backed with a 25 year warranty and has never failed to operate when installed correctly.

Photoluminescent markers provide the most reliable and economical emergency pathway illumination.

Alternative Surfaces installs emergency markers have earned UL Certification and meet or exceed UL Codes and other requirements for interior and exterior applications – including the 2009 International Building Code.

The International Council of Code Officials adopted into the 2009 International Building Code 1024 and the International Fire Code, 4604.23 mandates that all non-residential buildings, both NEW and Existing, over 75 feet in height must install Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings in all enclosed emergency stairwells. As a certified installer, Alternative Surfaces will be able to bring your current properties up to code.

Our Portland-based certified installers are trained for all commercial applications and travel throughout the Northwest specializing in retrofits and new installation to ensure your facility is in compliance with all current codes.

Alternative Surfaces PLES include:

  • Exit Path Markers

  • Auxiliary Light Sources

  • Stair Tread Nosings

  • Aisle Markers

  • Handrail Markers

  • Exit Signs

These photoluminescent products can be used in combination to provide a complete visible routing system for safe emergency egress. They recharge from ambient light – whether daylight or fluorescent or incandescent interior lighting – and glow reliably for over 24 hours, showing the route to safe exit pathways.